An Effective Approach for Motion Artifacts Suppression from EEG Signal

Rudra Bhanu Satpathy 1 , J.Sunil Gavaskar 2

TBEAH . 2020 Jun; 1(1): 1-7. Published online 2020 Jun 15

Abstract : Electroencephalographic(EEG) is a vital signal to analysis the neurological diseases in human being. This EEG signal captured even in highly hospitalic and standard environment may currpted by some non-physiological signals which are termed as artifact in medical term. These artifacts may disturb the quality of signal. Thus, mitigation of these artifacts from EEG signal is an important step. In this work an improved filtering mechanism is proposed forsingle channel EEG signal motion artifacts eradication. The input single channel EEG signal isdecomposed into multi-channel signal. Moreover, this multichannel signal is applied to an cascaded approach of Blind Source Separation (BSS) and wavelet transform in order to eleiminate the artifacts as well as randomness available in the signal due to this artifats. The results are tested with the existing work in the EEG artifact removal which shows outperformance of the proposed method.


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